How to Meet Girls in Hostels

hostel party

So you want to meet hot girls in hostels. I don’t blame you. Travelling can get lonely. If you’re a single guy travelling on a budget, chances are you’re staying in hostels. Hostels are mostly inexpensive dormitories where you can sleep on a luxurious bunk bed, surrounded by other budget travellers, who are mostly under […]

Busted For Daygame on Campus


I am getting into some serious trouble with daygame. I go to heavily populated college towns, yet somehow the word is getting out about my presence. Random women I ask end up knowing each other, which gets me in to trouble. People are talking. Women are identifying me before I even say anything. Campus security […]

Why “Not Caring” is Bad Advice


(A bit of a long one today) A few of my friends are fans of an American, middle aged, dating instructor/life coach/Internet marketer who I won’t name. His big catch phrase is along the lines of, “Don’t Care.” He is referring to outcome dependence, and how it’s bad. I’ve met a few middle aged Internet […]

The Pendulum Keeps Swinging


Where are you on the pendulum? Sometimes we focus so hard on the external world; women, money, physical experiences, that we forget to feed the internal space. Books Meditation Journaling Brainstorming Sometimes we spend so much time in the internal world, the external floats away. We get lost in our thoughts, in our work, and […]