Dinosaurs Do Not Exist


When I was seventeen years old, me and ten of my friends saw a group of flying objects which we could only call UFOs. I was walking to a party after work when one of my pals pointed up and said, “What’s that?” The four of us gazed up at these strange glowing orbs. They […]

Shut Up And Touch Her


I stood quietly a few feet away as I watched my client talk to a girl at the bar. He’d been chatting her up for a few minutes now, and I was growing agitated. His problem was that he could open and talk to her, but he always fell straight into comfort, and either skipped […]

Your Story Telling Sucks


“Have you girls ever been to Toronto?” My student asked the two pretty girls. But it was too late, he’d already lost them. His story about this homeless man who roamed his Toronto neighbourhood shirtless, though interesting in content, was boring in execution. There are rules to crafting an engaging story. One is, “Start as […]

When Grown Men Cry


When I was first getting into pickup, one of my best friends, a natural, was patiently listening to me complain about my lack of results, and he gave me the best advice ever… “Tony. You just have to be positive. Always positive.” Recently I sent a phone coaching client on a mission to approach five […]

My Neighbourhood is a Hipster Wasteland


Upon my return from Asia to Vancouver, the first thing I noticed was how I felt a small relief—that I wouldn’t have to check my pocket every five minutes to see if I’d been robbed. Then I noticed how clean the air smelled, and how crisp and cool it was compared to the jungle heat. […]