Everything is Awesome


Trigger Warning. This post has nothing to with pickup. There are no tips, or tricks. It’s just a cool story. The other day I was in a cafe and I was singing, “Everything is Awesome!” to my client, when this little boy looks up and me and sings, “Everything is cool when you’re part of […]

A Tale of Two Asians


I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. Bruce Lee. ***TLDR. This post is 2ooo words long. It’s a story I wrote for an inner game book, but decided to post here instead. I have a lot of asian clients, and […]

When Pickup Isn’t Working


Let’s reach into today’s mail bag. Hi Tony. I read your book a while back and it inspired me to continue working on pick up. I had started trying to improve with women in 2012, but it was never easy. I couldn’t even ask a girl for the time when I first started, let alone […]

What is a Nerdgasm?


My society is in the state of a collective nerdgasm. A simultaneous release of unstoppable butthurt and ego-rage, and nothing will stop it but a fully immersive holiday at a Siberian re-education camp. What’s a Nerdgasm? A nerdgasm is nothing short of a full release of nerd rage. A joyous explosion of narcissistic righteousness. A glory […]

4 Emotional Triggers You Should Be Using


Thinking hurts your game. It’s true. A huge problem with most of my students, is that they try to “intellectualize” seduction, mostly in their verbal game. They need the perfect witty comeback, the best gambit.  Of course, every newbie should learn a method. Think of it like learning a guitar, or a sport. There’s a […]