Do You Believe In Yourself?


The biggest problem I see with newbies is not their inability to find the balls to approach a girl, or their lack of knowing, “what to say,” but disbelief in their own worth; the idea that they’re, “broken,” and need to, “be fixed.” Now let’s say you have a serious mental illness, like PTSD, or […]

How To Create A Media Shit Storm


So it’s been almost a month since someone called me a misogynist, a creep, or rape apologist. I thought I’d be relieved, but actually, I miss the attention…a little. Which got me thinking, what if I wrote anti-feminist, SJW hit pieces, just for the sake of stirring the pot? I mean, it’s so easy. All […]

Don’t Neglect The Hands


My little brother has aspirations towards art. He doodles on everything; paper, his arm, napkins. His caricatures are often cute, funny, or disgusting. He loves drawing people’s faces and usually over emphasizes certain features for effect. But I noticed, he never gets the hands right. They are usually too long, too short, or too stubby. […]

June 2015 London Daygame Bootcamp + Select European Cities


Great news for you Europeans. I’m coming to London this June 2015 (dates tba), and from there I will be available for coaching in any major European city. I’d like to visit Germany, France, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and more. I’d like to be in Europe all summer before returning to Vancouver. Just email me for […]

Come With Me To Mexico!


Here’s a hell of a last minute adventure deal. I’m planning a retreat in the future, in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Check it out. And I need to scope the scene, do some reconnaissance—so I’m heading down south. And you can join me for a ridiculously low price. Beaches, girls, adventure. Sounds great right! […]