SE Asia Two Week Mentorship


Join me in Se Asia Two winters ago I swam in crystal clear jungle waterfalls, went snorkelling with tropical fish, ate all sorts of delicious asian dishes, had thanksgiving dinner with expats in Cambodia, cruised the mekong on a two day boat ride, bathed in hot springs, shopped in wonderful night markets, drank buckets of […]

Work Small, Think Big


Is Tony a workaholic? Some readers assume I’m a workaholic hell bent on world domination, completely focused, always happy, forever in the zone, totally organized, in shape, with dozens of nines vying for my attention. I wish this was the case. But it’s not. My life is a work in progress just like yours. Back […]

Absolute News. August 2014.


It’s the end of the summer and soon the girls will be packing away their bikinis (and those amazingly short jean shorts where their buttcheeks hang out). It’s not over yet though! I’m planning a trip to Thailand and beyond for epic adventure travel. But in order to make this happen, I have to generate […]

Is Studying Pickup Shameful?


Should you be ashamed of studying seduction? No. Absolutely not. Should you share your new hobby with all of your friends and family. No, probably not. If you teach seduction then you are cool and interesting, but if you study seduction you are weird and creepy. This is just a generalization of course, because there […]

Don’t Compete With Her Smartphone


I had a lady over the other night — a newish one. I brought her home and we’re having some fun on my bed. Her phone beeps and she stops giving me pleasure to lean over and check her messages. I ignore this interruption and we continue kissing. The phone beeps again, and she leans […]