How To Meet Women In Thailand and Vietnam


Hi Guys. I’ve just uploaded a new audio on How To Meet Girls in Vietnam. I’ve spent over eight months backpacking in SE Asia, and wanted to share some of my tips for meeting backpackers, and local women. It’s ridiculously easy if you have the right strategy. Also there’s a short update on what I’ve […]

The Sad, Sad, Tale of a Love Stricken Beta Male


I love, only for the countless tales of beta sadness that I can utilize as fodder for my blog. Just take a look at the three part story of this sad, sad manboy, and learn a valuable lesson: Women do not lust for sensitive sissy boys who pedestalize them for nothing more than being […]

Just Say “No Thanks” To The Friend-Zone


Have you ever been into a girl, and she say’s something along the lines of, “You’re nice. But let’s just be friends?” It’s happened to us all. Once I had a student who asked me for advice about this. I told him to say, “I have enough friends. I want to be closer to you.” […]

Western Culture is Obsessed With Safety


A few years ago when I announced my first trip to Se Asia, many of my friends asked, “But Tony, isn’t it dangerous?” Yes. Yes it is After spending close to a year backpacking around developing countries, I’ve come to the conclusion that we in the west, (I’ll just call all first world countries “The […]