How To Be The Center of Attention


If you want to be good at meeting women in a parties, bars, or clubs, you should get used to being the centre of attention. You will have nights when if you’re doing very well, and you may have women competing over you. You may have men who are jealous of you, and people will […]

How to Get Out of The Friendzone


If you want to go from a friend zone with a girl, to a lover zone, you only need to do one thing: Risk losing her forever This is how a guy ends up in the friend-zone: He meets a girl. He develops a crush and fantasizes about seducing her He asks her to hang […]

The Nice Guy


Being nice isn’t always nice. Being nice can be disgusting to women. A middle aged man told me a story. While hanging out at a buddhist temple in Thailand, he’d met an attractive Chinese woman in her early thirties. “She was very pretty, and she smiled at me,” he said, through sips of his tea. […]

Charm Is The Path To Power


Every man should learn charm. Why? Because seduction is a process, similar to fighting, where you will receive instantaneous feedback on your skill. Charm is not luck. Charm is not your looks alone. Charm is not your money. Charm is a skill. By learning how to seduce a woman, you learn how to seduce the world. You learn how […]