Don’t Stop Talking or You Will Lose Her Interest


If you want to be great at picking up beautiful girls, you must learn how to talk… And talk And talk There’s a cultural narrative  that “being cool” is how you attract women. This is true, you should be a cool guy, but not a “quiet guy.” After many years in this dating game, I can […]

Pua Bootcamp Toronto


A Dating Coach, Pua Bootcamp Weekend in Toronto That Will Transform You Into A Master With Women Learn how to approach beautiful women, attract and date them. With simple, fun, safe, practical and non-creepy methods. Methods that me and my coaches have used ourselves for years to meet and date beautiful, intelligent women. What exactly happens […]

Vancouver Pua Bootcamp Coaching


A Pua Bootcamp Weekend in Vancouver That Will Transform You Into A Natural With Women. Pickup Artist coaching? This is the only choice, right? Isn’t it weird? This or spend my days on forever lonely, clicking “Like after Like” and being rejected forty seven times a day, by women I will never meet, except through […]

Site News: December 2014


Just a quick update. If you’re in Vancouver this February, 2015, I will be having a massive sale. Since I’ll be arriving home to Vancouver from 4 months of backpacking in Asia, I’ll be dropping my price for the month in that city. My other coach, Jason W, is still teaching approach coaching in Montreal […]

Breaking All The Rules of Seduction


I have a friend, a real ladies man. He breaks so many of our seduction laws that he should be living the life of a hermetic monk. But he isn’t a monk, he’s one of the greatest seducers I’ve ever known. Though he’s never read a blog post, or an ebook, or watched a dvd. […]