Never Be Ashamed Of Your Dick


Boy, do I love jerking off. When I was a wee lad, a friend and I were playing with my uncle’s vibrating massage fist. It was meant for your shoulders and arms, or whatnot, but we were creative. I’d turn that fucker up to ten, sneak up behind my friend and jam it into his […]

A Woman’s Emotions Are Like Weather


Think of a woman’s various moods like weather. One day, it might be sunny out, and beautiful, and all of the reports are calling for more warmth. You pull out your shorts and sunglasses, grab your bike to head outside and half-way to the beach…thunder and lightning. Why didn’t you see this coming? What’s the […]

My Girlfriend Dumped Me. How Do I Get Her Back?

man holding onto womans leg, as she walks away

Hey Tony, I need help. Right now I’m in a situation where I just have hope. I was seeing this girl for about 6 or 7 months. We had ups and downs, but at the end we were clicking in everything. We traveled to Boston together and from there we got really close, but then […]

The Center of Attention


Have you ever been to a party and there’s this one loud guy? He’s bro hugging everyone, he’s pouring shots, he’s instigating beer pong or arm wrestling, he’s waving his hands around while telling stories. He just seems to take up so much damn space. He’s a bit annoying, with his stupid loud voice, and […]