The Best Dating Advice I Ever Recieved


One of my good friend, an artist, and a man who has slept with over 100 beautiful women (and had a few dozen long term girlfriends,) told me, “Tony, you have to be positive. Always positive.” That was his dating advice to me: Be Positive I am guilty of falling into despair from time to […]

Don’t Be A Sheep


I’m wondering if one day I will have an Internet lynch mob after me. My own short stint with my local media was quite terrifying when they interviewed me about my book, and the cover of the newspaper said, “Growing Pickup Artist Movement Raises Fear Amongst Women.” And then on the inside of the paper […]

How To Be The Center of Attention


If you want to be good at meeting women in a parties, bars, or clubs, you should get used to being the centre of attention. You will have nights when if you’re doing very well, and you may have women competing over you. You may have men who are jealous of you, and people will […]