How to Get Out of The Friendzone


If you want to go from a friend zone with a girl, to a lover zone, you only need to do one thing: Risk losing her forever This is how a guy ends up in the friend-zone: He meets a girl. He develops a crush and fantasizes about seducing her He asks her to hang […]

The Nice Guy


Being nice isn’t always nice. Being nice can be disgusting to women. A middle aged man told me a story. While hanging out at a buddhist temple in Thailand, he’d met an attractive Chinese woman in her early thirties. “She was very pretty, and she smiled at me,” he said, through sips of his tea. […]

Charm Is The Path To Power


Every man should learn charm. Why? Because seduction is a process, similar to fighting, where you will receive instantaneous feedback on your skill. Charm is not luck. Charm is not your looks alone. Charm is not your money. Charm is a skill. By learning how to seduce a woman, you learn how to seduce the world. You learn how […]

Did We Make Sweet Love or Not?


***You can all shut up now with, “Tony. When can I get a physical copy of your book?” because the physical copy of my novel is now available on, ca,, etc. Here is a chapter from A Thousand Tiny Failures.***  I saw her seated, like a sunflower in gravel, with boys at every […]