The Pendulum Keeps Swinging


Where are you on the pendulum? Sometimes we focus so hard on the external world; women, money, physical experiences, that we forget to feed the internal space. Books Meditation Journaling Brainstorming Sometimes we spend so much time in the internal world, the external floats away. We get lost in our thoughts, in our work, and […]

Interview: Arash Dibazar


Meet Arash Dibazar He’s a Los Angeles based seduction artist, martial artist, entrepreneur, Youtuber, and one of the most intriguing and well spoken gurus I’ve discovered in the last five years. As a child Arash and his family escaped violence in Iran. He moved through many countries and eventually landed in America, where after years […]

Podcast: A Hustler’s Motivation


Hustlers Do you wonder how these super humans remain driven and focused…all the time? Why can’t you find the ambition to approach women, as much as is required for your transformation? I explore these thoughts and more in this podcast. Let me know what you think of my half assed podcast attempt. If you guys […]

SE Asia Two Week Mentorship


Join me in Se Asia Two winters ago I swam in crystal clear jungle waterfalls, went snorkelling with tropical fish, ate all sorts of delicious asian dishes, had thanksgiving dinner with expats in Cambodia, cruised the mekong on a two day boat ride, bathed in hot springs, shopped in wonderful night markets, drank buckets of […]

Work Small, Think Big


Is Tony a workaholic? Some readers assume I’m a workaholic hell bent on world domination, completely focused, always happy, forever in the zone, totally organized, in shape, with dozens of nines vying for my attention. I wish this was the case. But it’s not. My life is a work in progress just like yours. Back […]