Sexual Escalation For Virgins


When she say’s, “We’re not having sex,” this means you’re probably going to have sex. It’s basically a Freudian slip. Women will usually place the burden of sexual escalation on the man. I say, “usually,” because there are many, many, aggressive and adorable sluts who will do much of the work; but this blog isn’t […]

You Don’t Forget How to Pickup Women


Last week I bought a new bike and went for my first ride in many years. I took my hands off the handlebars and I didn’t fall. I was a bit unbalanced, but after a few tries it was as if I’d never stopped bike riding. Learning pickup is like learning to ride a bike, […]

Picking Up Girls At The Beach


Hey Tony, I’m going to Hilton Head in a few weeks. How do I go about talking to a girl on the beach?Thanks,-Joey A good beach is like a night club without dancing, cockblocks, or negative drunk people — and all the girls are half-naked! No false advertising there. Beach Game is not that different from […]

How To Pass Nightclub Lineups For Free


The club bouncer looked us up and down. “Sorry guys. We’re full tonight.” “But I know Alex.” My friend said. “Everyone knows Alex.” The bouncer replied. My buddy tried a few different angles: “I’m a regular. I know Alex, the promoter!” “Everyone knows Alex.” “Do you know who my father is?” I asked the bouncer, […]

What if She Has A Boyfriend?


I had a student ask me yesterday, “I met a girl with a boyfriend. How do I get her?” My first response was, “Why chase a girl with a boyfriend? There are plenty of single women out there. You just have to look.” Ok you damn home wreckers… Women will tell you that they have […]