The Truth About Seduction Gurus

guruI’m good friends with guys from Love Systems, and other smaller companies. I’ve had clients that worked with Tyler, Julian, Mystery, Vin Dicarlo, you name it.

I’ve met hundreds of guys from the community.

I have natural friends.

They’re often full of shit. They all make mistakes. They get needy. They get afc, or blue pill, or whatever. They have month long dry streaks. They get blown out. They get depressed. They fall off their wagons – with drugs, alcohol, etc.

There is nobody who isn’t famous who goes out seven nights a week, and pulls models seven nights a week. Not that I’ve met or heard of. That’s Hogwart’s shit yo.

When guys make infield videos, they don’t show the thirty five rejections to get that footage. Well, RSD does sometimes, and Simple Pickup. But we don’t care. Those are the boring parts. We want them to win, and they do!

You guys are holding yourself to a standard that doesn’t exist. You guys because YOU the reader are one of many. The thousands that Googled their way here.

When I was in Asia I went two months without a lay. I wanted to cry. I actually did. Then I ended up with two different beautiful girls. One took me a week to bang while she slept in my bungalow, refusing sex. When I finally got her…it was very fulfilling. She asked me to.

Picking up hot girls has never, ever, been easy for me. I’ve always been the under dog and had to work my ass off for results. Even to this day, I get rejected softly in 90% of my pickup attempts.

The best advice I ever got was from a Vin Dicarlo teacher. He said, “You’re problem, is that you’re still trying to pick up.” It took me a few years to understand this.


  1. Lehtair says

    The PUA industry is saturated with companies these days, so they go hard on the marketing.

    One of the biggest fears beginners have is rejection. These companies would lose so many potential customers if people were constantly reminded that rejection is a reality of the game. Rejection is pickup’s version of being hit in boxing. If you can’t handle being hit, it’s not for you. You’re going to get hit regardless of how good you are.

    Guys like Tony and RooshV are pickup gurus, but they’re aren’t attached to the community. There’s no ego involved or obligation to appear as the biggest and baddest. I appreciate them for instilling common sense into the community

    • Tony D says

      Thanks for that. I think that words can only be used to inspire and educate to a certain degree. You have to find your own answers. Can YOU pull models seven nights a week with cold approach? That would be awesome if you could.

      Could you pull one very hot girl a month? That’s realistic, and a very rewarding lifestyle.

      Could you keep her in your life? Would you want to?

      This is more important than your lay count.

  2. says

    This is exactly what I needed to read, something must have guided me to this point.

    I write about pick-up for money. I’ve been a poster on a major forum for years.

    I’ve banged more women than most men will ever approach.

    I haven’t had sex in two months. I’m practically pulling my hair out with frustration, getting countless numbers that go nowhere and pointless dates that make me think I’m either losing my mind or the girls here are completely retarded.

    Thanks for the perspective.

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