I’m Raising My Rates

Phew I had a rough day yesterday. I had three clients cancel their bootcamp appointments in one day, costing me a total of $2100 in revenue and leaving me with nothing to do for three weeks. So logic would dictate that I should lower my rates to attract more customers, but instead I’m raising them.

Starting August 1st my Bootcamp price will go to $1499 from $1199. There will be a $300 non-refundable deposit. If you sign up, you better be committed or I’m keeping that money.

So why raise the rates? Well, this way I will attract clients that can afford my service. Not hagglers that will fall back on their word at the last minute. I will attract fewer clients, but will only need to sell two bootcamps a month to make ends meat. Especially since travel is mandatory to make a living as a dating coach. Airfare, hotels, food and transportation are very expensive business costs.

It took me a long time to get where I am. I get paid to help men find sex, romance, love, hope and peace of mind. My very first bootcamp back in 2008 was $400. I’ve come a long way as a teacher since then. I honestly believe I am one of the best seduction teachers in the world. I’ve never had a bad review and I don’t plan on bussing tables again.

What is your asking price? How much are you worth and who decides what you are worth? Only you.

If you are in a job you hate, working hours that suck your will to live, ask yourself, what do you value more…a bulging bank account, fancy possessions, and stress—Or less money, more free time and peace of mind.

The lifestyle you want is available, but it’s going to take work. You will have to make sacrifices. But ultimately it is you that decides which path your life will take.

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