The Expressive Man gets The Girl. Or Marlon Brando Game.

Watch Him. How can you not?

Notice his slow movements. The deliberate control.

He almost makes you uncomfortable, and then when you need it most…

He makes you wait. A frown? Is he sad? Angry? Why?

Then finally…a smile.

No. A smirk.

That’s all you get…

He owns you.

Slow Down.


  1. Bohemian says

    Haha, I’ve seen the interview. Totally worth looking up on You tube. Just the way he walks out in the beginning, sits down, and just nods while the audience applauds for something like a minute, like he owns the place. Cavett basically grovels at his feet the whole time. (Maybe his fashion could use a little updating though? ❓ Funny to think that looked chic back then).

    • josh says

      “That’s all you get…

      He owns you.

      Slow Down.” That’s all there is to seduction ? ,what do you mean by that’s all you get ?

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