Reddit is a Haven for Trolls

trollSo I recently wrote a post on Reddit, and although it sat with almost as many upvotes and downvotes, the majority voice was that I am an:

A. AFC (Average frustrated chump), B. Bitter, and C. Misogynistic.

All of the above are true to some degree, though I don’t hate women. I just dislike many. I’ve been with more women than I care to count, and I am bitter. I have the right.

These are the same guys that applauded when I gave them an Ebook of my blog posts. It still sits in the top twenty of all time posts on Seddit.

What these guys want is called, “Blue Pill,” game. They don’t want to hear they have to work out, or find interesting hobbies, or diet. They don’t want to hear that pickup is hard. They don’t believe gurus have bad days, dry streaks, or lie about their success.

If you truly want to succeed in picking up the hottest girls, blind optimism won’t help you. You need to look at your culture and ask, “why?” you need pickup in the first place.

I’ve been teaching pickup for four years, and in the pickup game for eight. I find it hard to believe that anyone regularly posting on Reddit has hit on even a fraction of the women, nor had a fraction of the success I’ve had. I’ve been rejected by more women than 99% of Redditors will ever even approach.

On Reddit, the only thing these guys want to hear are the same, tired, marketing hooplah. Like:

Looks don’t matter

Money doesn’t matter

Muscles don’t matter

Women are all great people

I know this because I’ve tested headlines for the last year. Most Redditors don’t even read an article, they just browse the headline and up or downvote based on their emotional reaction. So anything that doesn’t conform to their worldview gets downvoted.

They want to believe that learning pickup will solve all their problems. The thing is, most of these guys have actually picked up, no women. They’re living in a fantasy realm, hiding behind their keyboards and making snide comments based on the emotions they feel from reading emotional truths.

I don’t write a bitter article to seek approval from men that want to bury their heads in the sand, watch RSD videos and sing the praises of positivity. I’m here to point out the ugly truths about a dating in first world culture. I’m here to teach men to man the fuck up, and face reality. Life isn’t an Ebook.

The top posts on Reddit are usually articles with headlines that follow group think. Like:

Thanks Seddit, you changed my life

How I went from AFC to awesome.

How to undo a bra

Think positive and it will all work out

Pickup works!

And so forth. Anything with a flowery, happy ending, or  metaphysical feel will work out. However, most of these guys haven’t approached a thousand women. They don’t date beautiful, high maintenance women, and they believe almost anything that conforms to their Disneyland pickup artist vision.

I don’t want to discourage men. I think my articles are optimistic in that I can make the world a better place. Instead of lying to yourself that pua positivity techniques will answer all your woes, try going out for four years and learn the truth.

I don’t hate women, I’m incredibly optimistic, and I’ve banged more beautiful girls than most men on the planet.

It’s mind boggling, the stupidity of the human race. That’s what I’m bitter about. Writing is my therapy.


  1. putaneiro says

    Seddit is a good community, I have got a good value from there and try to give back when I can. But on average the guys are beginning the stuff, many leave when get a little better and don’t come back.

    The age average is not that big either, and younger people tend to think more on the lines of “I can do anything, everyone is born equal” to “I have to play with the cards life has dealt me”. When you have the second mentality its easier to see things (girls) as they are, identify patterns, and use the knowledge in your favor.

    • Tony D says

      I agree, and the rapid growth of Seddit is a definite sign that something is amiss. My article wasn’t meant to teach men, it was meant to teach women. I want men to get angry. If they have to learn pickup off the Internet and approach hundreds of women, that’s great. That’s what I did. I wish I didn’t have to, but it worked.

  2. BetaBoi says

    Tony D, what does Red Pill mean? What does Blue Pill mean? I’ve read some blogs on the internets and I have no ideas what these terms mean though the PUA Master’s and Guru’s refer to these terms all the time. I thought Red Pill was opposite of what you said? Maybe you can do a post on these 2 terms and explain them to the people like me who are deeply afraid of taking pills.

  3. BetaBoi says

    How to undo a bra…

    Is reddit mostly 15 year olds or something? I’m 34 and I’ve found that the whole bra thing is always awkward because those hooks are always so tight especially since most chicks wear tight bras.

    The only way to do it is go for the hooks like a Tiger!

    Too many guys I think are trying to sneak the bra off the girl like she’s not going to notice!!!


  4. Jonas says

    Hey Tony, it’s been some time since I met /r/seduction and I think it’s awesome. I had never read anything about seduction, and I feel that the 3 months I’ve been in the community have already done really good to me. So as a pro, forum/site/blog(other than your) do you think I should follow to replace seddit?

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