Picking Up Girls At The Beach


Hey Tony, 
I’m going to Hilton Head in a few weeks. How do I go about talking to a girl on the beach?

A good beach is like a night club without dancing, cockblocks, or negative drunk people — and all the girls are half-naked! No false advertising there.

Beach Game is not that different from regular, indirect daygame. The big difference is that almost every girl will be in a chilled out mood, baking in the sun, swimming or playing a sport like frisbee or volleyball. So when in Rome.

Note. You do not need to have an amazing beach body. It helps. But most guys who have great beach bodies still have no game. They are too afraid to approach, and they don’t know what to say. You on the other hand read blogs like mine, so you have a massive advantage, even at the beach.

Of course girls like great bodies too, but women aren’t as focused on the visual as much as men are. If you can give them good emotions, make them laugh and show them you are fun or witty, then you can meet plenty of women at the beach.

Beach Openers

Bring a football or frisbee. If you have a good wingman, toss it back and forth. Go from beach towel to beach towel and say, “Hi girls. How are you? Good. Hey we need a few partners. Come toss the ball/frisbee with us.” If they’re like, “I don’t know, blah, blah,” explain to them that if they’re moving around, they’ll get a better, more even tan, and burn calories. Don’t just give up on the first try. And if they are boring girls and don’t give you good attention just move ten feet over to the next beach towel.

Try a friendly opener. “Hi, how’s it going?” works great in the water. Just swim up to a girl or group of girls and open. Most people are in such a great state being drunk on sun, a simple hello usually does fine.

Suntan lotion opener. “Hey can you put this lotion on my back?” This works for an opener, and it initiates kino. If they look at you weird or say no, then move onto the next towel. Next! Asking a girl for a favor like this isn’t creepy at all, since she’s the one putting lotion on you.

“Can you take a picture of me?” Get the girls to snap a pic of you, or you and your friends flexing your massive pipes.

After the openerpartyonboat

Of course, this still doesn’t solve your “I don’t know what to say,” issues. If you’re a hardcase newbie, this post isn’t for you. You have to have some Game, son. If you haven’t spent at least a few months working on your verbal game by approaching many, many, women, then you will probably have shit game. So consider this as practice.

For those of you with a little experience, or the gift of gab, stay in the set for as long as possible and talk, talk, talk. Then when the girls are feeling you say something like, “Hey, does anyone want to go for a swim?” If any of the girls are feeling you, they will go swimming with you. And if they don’t, oh well. Wait it out and keep talking, get their phone numbers and move on. Or, stay with them. If the girls are laughing at your jokes, or engaging you by asking questions, stay with them. Maybe you could go for an ice cream, or get drinks after they finish their tanning.

Oh, it really helps if you have a boat.

I’ve met many nice girls at the beach, it’s honestly one of my favourite places to pickup. So put on your suntan, grab your beach towel and get your ass to the water.

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  1. Tim Garrison says

    “They will go swimming with you. Get their phone numb.’s , & move on. “. ( 2nd last paragraph ). Are you advising not necessary to key on one girl , Tony ?
    Swim with or number close , multible women , in the same set ? Is that what you’re saying ? If so , it’s looking like a “friend thing” , ? “Friend thing” , fine , sometimes , no doubt ? Do you numb. close in front of other girl , that you are also going to hit up ?
    Thanks , Tony. Thank you very much.

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