I Am The Greatest!

clayIn some of my articles I might say that I’m having an awesome year, I’m making good money, I’m dating multiple pretty women, I’m happier and more prolific than ever, and so forth. Now this may seem like bragging, but there’s a very specific reason for this:

To teach men with low self-esteem how to think like winners.

I have some clients that ask me:

What if she thinks I’m creepy?
What if people see me or hear me approach her?
What if I ask for a promotion at work and I’m denied?
What if I’m too ugly?
What if I’m too broke?

Fake it till you make it. The cliche is true.

The reason I talk a big talk is not to show you how awesome I am, (I am though) but to show you how I think. Would anyone believe a short, balding, chubby, bow legged, crooked toothed weirdo like me could walk up to any girl in any situation and flirt with her, without an ounce of nervousness or doubt? How could I do that?

Because I’m awesome. I’m a champion. I’m a winner. I’m a genius. I’m a sex god. I’m a pimp.

If you want to succeed at attracting and dating very beautiful women, when they look in your eyes, when they hear your voice, when they watch you walk, they are adding it all up. They want to know if you are the guy you pretend to be. If you don’t believe you’re worth it, why should she?

I meet all these guys who want to date “tens” but then they tell me a sob story about not knowing what to say to girls. You know what? I don’t know what to say either. And I’m proud to approach women without knowing what to say. It builds character. It takes big balls to do what I do. I deserve the hottest women. (Again, showing you how to think.)

Honestly I’m nowhere near where I want to be in terms of self-improvement. But I can tell you I’m light years ahead of most men on this planet. I was lucky to be born into one of the G-8 nations and not as a child soldier in some war-torn hovel. And I’m extremely grateful I could make enough money working as a busboy, a gas station attendant, a construction worker, a telemarketer; to buy a laptop, discover the seduction community and change my life for the better.

You need to pat yourself on the back. Because if you aren’t proud of yourself, why should anyone else be? When Cassius Clay said, “I am the greatest!” he really was. And when he got knocked out a few too many times, he stopped telling the world he was, because they already knew. Bragging isn’t bragging if you can demonstrate the fruits of your hard work.

There is also a place for humility. That’s when other people speak for you. But if you’re a common man looking to improve his success in dating, or business, or health, being humble won’t help you. You need to believe that YOU ARE THE SHIT. Now go prove that claim first to yourself, then to the world. And after this, you can be humble.


  1. Kevintheviet says

    Agreed.When you’re starting out or even when you’re an intermediate, you need to constantly think positive thoughts about yourself to push down the negative thoughts that want you to keep being a chode.

    IN addition to this, I would say learn to embrace the flaws that you can’t change about yourself. I’ve had girls call me weird, strange, and a whole bunch of other things for my sense of humor but I’m slowly getting used to accepting that I’m a weird guy and thats all right.

  2. GGmang says

    Time and time again different successful people and authors have all pointed out the importance of daily, positive affirmations spoken with emotion and conviction. Seems lame, but saying them out loud really does help to empower and visualize the best version of you. Pick a few that works best for you:

    “I’m a winner.”
    “I’m a sexy mofo”
    “I am charming and interesting”
    “Hot girls love me”
    “I am very successful”
    etc etc

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