Can Asian Men Pick Up White Girls?

IndianI’ve received a fair amount of mail from my Asian and Indian friends about picking up white chicks. They want to know if it’s different or harder for them. I don’t want to piss people off; I’m not here to weave Hogwartian fantasy tales. I’m here to help all men improve their success  with women—so I’m going to be honest.

I’m not Asian, but I live in a Canadian city called Vancouver BC. Vancouver has a large minority population, mostly consisting of Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Indian and Pakistani immigrants. I’ve had clients from most of these ethnic groups. Many of them are my friends. Also, my stepmother is Filipino and I have two half Filipino brothers.

In Vancouver, it’s not uncommon to see Asian men dating white girls. It’s not the norm, but you often see it. I remember once I was teaching a bootcamp, and this well dressed Chinese kid came into the bar flanked by three pretty white girls. The hottest one, a sexy blond, was clinging to the guys arm and pleading with him to take her home. “Bitch!” He said, “I need a beer.” She laughed and kissed his cheek.

My good friend is a short Chinese guy in his early thirties. He often hosts singles events around the city. Every time I go out with him, he has a contigent of beautiful girls fawning over him. He’s not rich, or muscled, or famous…but he’s incredibly happy, charming and confident. The guy has sick game and he loves being around women.

I once had an Indian student. His approach skills sucked. He would put on this fake gangster front, being like, “Yo girl, what’s up!?” while swaggering with a fake bravado. Sixteen hours later, he fixed his body language, his clothing (no more Ed Hardy and gym shoes) and improved his verbal game. A month later he was in an ltr with a beautiful white girl.

Many of my Asian students have poor grooming. Make sure you are well shaven—no long fingernails or nose hair. Also you should smell good. Many Indian guys have a bad reputation for body odour. Use deodorant.

Now, is it harder for Asians to pick up white girls?

The short answer is…yes.

Why is it harder? Because they’re not white.

The thing is, most men, not just brown or Asian men, have no game. Add no game to a minority skin colour, and you have even more going against you.

Now here’s the good news: if you spend a few years developing yourself, you can actually have an advantage over white guys.

Think about how much time the average whitey spends tanning their skin. We go to tanning salons, beaches and parks to lay in the sun and brown up. We love dark skin. You guys already have an exotic look. You need to be proud of your heritage, because if you aren’t proud, she will feel your insecurity. Use your heritage as your advantage. And trust me, there are loads of girls that find darker skin incredibly sexy. The problem is, you see it as a problem. Remember the rule, whatever you feel, she feels.

If you need proof, watch the videos of Simple Pickup on Youtube. Kong, the Chinese guy, has loads of videos of himself number closing and kissing white girls. He constantly makes jokes about having a small dick, or pokes fun at his ethnicity. He’s confident, and the girls respond to that.

Now for accents and language. If you don’t have the ability to communicate in a white girls language, you won’t be very good at seducing them. So, take some more esl classes, and improve this area. If you speak good English, but have a strong accent, play it up. Just because you have an accent doesn’t mean you aren’t smart, or charming. Again, be proud, laugh at yourself and stop taking shit so seriously.

I’m short (5’8”), with funny hair, fucked up teeth and a chubby belly. Compared to tall, good looking men, I’m a 7 out of 10 in looks. But in my head, I’m an 11. When I lost weight, gained muscle, bought cooler clothing, and improved my game, I was more than able to compete.

In Vancouver Indian guys have a horrible reputation. They like to come to Granville to holler lame shit like, “Yo girl, where you goin? What’s your name?” Then after a night of brutal rejections, they pick fights with other guys over petty shit. It’s very easy to separate yourself from this stereotype. Have game. Don’t be a fucking douchebag. Have class, charm, and style.

Again, there are many minority players out there pulling beautiful girls. If you work on yourself long enough, you can be one of them. Quit whining about it, and instead, take the path of positivity, and put in the work to improve yourself. You can do it.


  1. Wilson says

    Hey man, just saw this post on your FB. This is money, it’s been like over 2 years since I took your bootcamp and it’s like chicks just gravitate towards me haha. I think all Indians and Asians should read this.

  2. Indian guy from Sedfast says

    I finally found your blog.

    I think your blog post is geared more towards FOBs. Thing is, I have noticed living here in the south that your actual ethnic appearance matters as well. Like I have managed to do well with Latinas, mixed race girls, and brown girls down here but with White girls I hit a brick wall, and other minorities are on the same boat from what I hear talking to some of my black and latino friends.

    Yet it seems to me that while black men might have it easy in Canada just because of the fact they are Black, Indian men and Asian men seemed to be screwed everywhere in the western world and somehow always have to make up for their ethnic appearance.

    So that is why I was asking you about areas in Canada where Indian men might have a decent or good reputation with women as opposed to ones where they have a bad reputation.

    As for the ghetto Indian part, really? Most Indians I know in the US fall under the nerdy category and would never talk in slangs.

  3. Indian guy from Sedfast says

    By the way, it was not long ago when I read a post on Forum Bodybuilding by an Indian guy from Canada. Now he was from a part of Canada which apparently has a lot of Italian descendants I guess. This member was South Indian and really dark by appearance.

    The guy told the whole forum how he would have to fake his race/ethnicity and tell people he is Black so girls would hook up with him, due to his appearance he could get away with it and people believed him. Now when this guy used to tell women he was Indian, he said he almost always received negative responses and never got laid as a result of it. Not sure what part of Canada this was but it was the one with a lot of Italian descendants.

    Kinda struck me as odd too since most Italian women I have met in real life would hook up with anything but a Black guy but whatever.

    Yet it kind of brings a new reality into the situation. You have a guy who has had to lie about his race because apparently no matter HOW COOL or HOW CONFIDENT he is, women cannot look past his race. Can you tell me what part of Canada is this bad?

    • Tony D says

      I’d say you’re wasting your energy worrying about geography. Just go to any Canadian city and focus on your game, not your race. You can’t do anything about it anyway.

      I really have no idea where all the bigots hang out.

  4. cortez says

    I’m Filipino, 5’10, athletic built, facial hair, and 7.5/10 in looks. I took one of Tony’s boot camps. I’d have to say it’s all about the genetic lottery (see Russell Wong or Godfrey Gao to name a few good looking Asian men). There is a high population of Asians in Vancouver, which makes the scarcity factor a disadvantage for us, negative media stereotypes, and physical traits (we are not as chiselled looking compared to our other coloured brothers). After doing 1 – 2 year of game, I ended up fucking a couple of blondes on the way with ease. We chatted and we didn’t mention about our skin whatsoever.

  5. says

    I get guys like this all the time myself… on Friday night talking about wanting white girls but never actually approaching many because of their weird beliefs… but after approaching nothing but white girls they start to realize… “Wow, so that’s all I got to do is talk to them.”


    Zardoz, killer read my man!


  6. thk says

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  7. surreyjack says

    Sounds about right. But out here in surrey an the 2 times i went clubbing ive seen plenty of indian guys with wite women. The most surprising of which was seeing turbaned men with brunettes( 6 an an 8).
    Also seein in recent years asiancguys with cute girls as well.
    Really as an indian i much perfer the surreyjack sterotype oppose to the nerd sterotype

  8. Jungwon Choi says

    I am one of the Asian guy who used to like hot white girls until I was in bachelor`s degree in University of Toronto. However, it was not easy to go through, because guys around us do not just stay. That was the reason why I used to go to adult massage spa to play with hot white girls. I was wrong, because it is only fun for a short time and after that it becomes futile again. Obviously, some Asian guys go through well with white girls, if they are good at managing themselves.

  9. Ajay says

    I find it’s hard to get white woman to go out with brown people or minorities because there are too many white guys here.

  10. Cookie master says

    I dunno, I lived in Vancouver area (surrey, richmond, white rock, etc.)& Prince George for about 8 years and had only seen 2 Asian male & white female couples during all those years…. I would say it is uncommon.

  11. move_on says

    wow people around the world still talking about picking up hot white girls and game??? Here im socal, no-one even talks about game and pickup lines, unless they’re joking about it lol…i guess the rest of the world hasn’t matured enough or got past these childish social behaviors yet.

    And how the hell can you still feel like white girls are the best when ur well into your adult years? I mean don’t you get sick of just thinking about this lol???

  12. Ajay says

    I never said white girls are the best.I just never dated one and maybe want a soul mate because I know once they give me the time of day,they will accept me by falling in love and be committed.

  13. says

    As an ex student of Tony who is also Asian, I can say unequivocally that the answer to whether asian guys can pick up white girls is YES. A few years has passed since my coaching with Tony and most of the girls I have pulled were cute white girls. My current girlfriend is a European blondie and she thinks I’m sexy. It is slightly harder but definitely very possible. It just requires constant self improvement, taking massive action and the positive reference experiences will come which brings about a change of mindset.

  14. Ajay says

    I can say in the past 3 months, I have taken white girls on dates.I find many of them with school and work DO NOT have time for a relationship.I have started texting them, but if one were to date time is essential.I am very attractive to white girls and I know that they do like me, but have not admitted cause there is more to be known.I have 3 girls in Europe who I have been in touch with for the last 9 months.They are real and gorgeous.What hurts me is why do I have to go so far when I should be able to get a girl locally.I do not like to be pre-judged unless seen in person.

  15. jessie says

    I’m a white girl, my boyfriend is Vietnamese but always lived here in Europe. I never thought Asian men liked white women, but as you see, we’re now 6 years further, we have a house and I’m pregnant with our first baby :-) To al Asian men especially, do not give up hope, of this is wat you want :-)

    • jay says

      Depends where you live.Here in Alberta Canada it’s hard cause there are too many white guys and just guys in general.The girls here are in demand,so care a damn attitude.If not one,then another is ready.


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